Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Top Tweets Vol. 9: This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

After being noticeably absent from last week's proceedings (and letting me waste a perfectly good post title) Colby returned to the tweet waves for the second to last episode of the (series?) season. Colby was clearly more reserved than he has been all season. He restricted most of his comments to thanks you's for people welcoming him back, and small insights into what was happening in the episode. I'm not sure whether to take that as a good sign or a bad sign, so we'll just have to take it as it is and cross our fingers.

Here's the best of what Colby had to offer tonight:
  • Colby apparently really enjoys being able to reveal the guns to shooters by pulling off a tarp, and, well, who can blame him?
  • This episode marked a rare time on Top Shot where the shooters were allowed to see their competition practice (although no reason was given as to why).
  • He mentions that his fluorescent shirt this evening was to make sure he didn't catch a stray round from one of the contestants.
  • Shooters were only allowed 100 rounds for this challenge because they wanted to avoid the shooters relying on "spraying and praying."
  • The house is less than two miles from the shooting field.
  • If anyone ever wondered why Colby is always shouting during the challenges, it is so he doesn't have to do as much voice over work in post.
  • The slo-mo cams shoot at 40,000 frames per second. Just to give you a little perspective on how ridiculous that is: A movie is shot at 26 frames per-second and Peter Jackson is shooting his new "Hobbit" film at 48 frames per second.
  • The exploding targets are 100 percent designed and constructed by the show's pyrotechnic team.
  • The closest Colby gets to commenting on another season is when he answers a question saying that thousands of people apply to Top Shot every season.
That will do for tonight. We are closing in the the finish line, and I can only be grateful for two things: that Chris Cheng is still in the competition and that the season ends before my finals exams.

Hit the comments and let me know your initial reaction to  tonight's episode.

Come back tomorrow for my recap and Thursday for my analysis. I might even throw up a post on Friday looking at the final four.

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