Monday, May 6, 2013

All-Star Cast Analysis: Season 3

As I look at Season 3's contestants, it reminds me of white bread. Nothing to complain about, but nothing to get too excited about either. Season 3 is memorable for all of the wrong reasons. Chief among them Jake Zweig, who walked out of the contest allowing Mike Hughes the opportunity to come back in and tarnish the integrity of the competition (in my opinion). While the right man came out champion, the show was unwittingly sucked into a dramatic plot that it had the good fortune to avoid up until that point. None of the contestants returning to the all-star season are a part of that drama, but that means their names aren't as instantly familiar. So let's get reacquainted.

Season 3

Alex Charvat
I'm glad to see Charvat back because he was put into a contest he shouldn't have found himself in. He had to go up against Mike Hughes who was allowed to reenter the competition after Zweig's departure. I've agued this point before and I'll do it again, if a contestant is eliminated in this show, they should stay out. Top Shot isn't about second chances (although I guess this season that's what it's all going to be about); it's about proving the contestants have what it takes, and if they don't, they lose. Charvat gets to try again and hopefully not get jerked around by technicalities. 

Phil Morden
Morden lost his elimination challenge because he fumbled a clip. That's what did him in, and in Top Shot, that's all it takes. He's back to show it's going to take more than small mistake to take him out of this competition. In his Season 5 video, he claims the experience taught him to slow down a little, but the contestant who is quick, cool and accurate is taking home the prize, and that might mean it's not Morden.

Gary Quesenberry
So I lied a little bit up at the top. My excitement over this knows no bounds. If there is one person I am automatically throwing my support behind it's Quesenberry. I would have loved to see him go all the way in Season 3. Now he's back and it may be weird, but I'm most excited to see who he makes friends with in the house. I almost named this blog after Quesenberry, that's how much I enjoy him on this show. It's going to be a real treat to see him go up against some of the series best shooters.

I would rather see: Jarrett Grimes, maybe? Truth be told, this is a pretty fair selection and I'm not dying to see Hughes or any other Season 3 contestants get another shot at the title. 

Tomorrow, I set my sights on the five returning contestants of Season 4. I'm excited about two, dreading two others, and aggressively indifferent about the fifth. Come back to find out who's who.

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