Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Top Tweets Vol. 10: Ch-Ch-Ch-Chenger!

Wow, can you say behind the ball much? Sorry for the delay here, I'm already behind, graduating from college is apparently a lot of work.

A pretty good finale (Best ever? Debate in the comments until I put up my analysis) and thankfully another stellar winner to add to the likes of Iain Harrison, Chris Reed, and Dustin Ellerman. Chris Cheng continues the pattern of having a red team member named Chris win the even numbered seasons of Top Shot, and I couldn't be more pleased.

However, let's get to the real reason I'm here, to tell you what Mr. Colby Donaldson had to say about last night's finale:
  • Colby is big fan of the Winchester '73 rifle
  •  Gary Shank made his shot against Littlejohn in their first face-off on the dueling trees by 1/100 of second. This was one of the few times they have needed to use the super slo-mo cameras to determine whether or not a shot counted.
  •  Colby was apparently at the Home Depot this past Saturday. Which one? I'll never tell. (mostly because I don't know)
  •  The names in the ammo box are printed on shells from the Hummer shotgun challenge in Season 2. Top Shot is a green show.
  •  Colby's suggestion for the shooters during the saloon challenge "Shotgun and barn door at 10 feet"
  •  Colby believes he might have broken a record for the number of times he said "All tied up!" in a single episode. 
  • And Colby promised to let everyone know about Season 5 as soon as he did (and then I will in turn also inform you).
That's all we got. I need to keep rolling so I can get my recap up tonight and find some time for my analysis.

What did you think of the finale? And what would you like from Season 5 of Top Shot (if there is one)? Hit the comments and let me know.


  1. I just watched the final, and thought it was just an awesome finish from both competitors. While watching the recap episode though, I noticed something a little interesting.

    At one point Chris talks about how the smoke from his first grenade shot was covering his rear target. While that was true, it seemed to me that the smoke was covering Greg's target way more. The smoke going from left to right had to have put Greg at a disadvantage there at the end.

    Just wondering if you noticed that as well, and what your thoughts were about that.

    Great blog btw!

    1. Probably true.. but at the same time, Chris was able to shoot two rounds into the smoke blind (or so he says), and was able to connect with the target. That's something Littlejohn didn't do.