Sunday, February 12, 2012

Top 3 Reasons You Should be Watching Top Shot

I figured it would be a good idea, if you are going to continue reading this blog, why you should be watching this show. I wrote this post for another blog after the end of Season 2, and thought I would repost it here. This way you get an idea for why I love this show, and feel free to add your own reason's in the comments, I'd love to hear them.

1. Guns
Imagine your favorite reality-competition show, and imagine the one thing that would make that show even better. For me, I'm thinking Survivor, and I'm thinking guns. Guns make everything more interesting, and it's a wonder that no other reality-competition show has exercised their 2nd Amendment rights to spice up the competition. But it's not just the guns, its' the explosions. What's that you ask? This show has guns and explosions? Why yes, yes it does. See instead of simply shooting at wood, or paper targets, contestants often are shooting at long range targets that explode the minute a bullet hits them. This combined with the wide variety of weapons, both new and historical (it is the History Channel after all) gives the show much of its punch, and sets it apart from the more common fare of reality-competition shows.

2. Colby
Suck it Probst
Every great reality-competition show needs a great host. Enter Colby Donaldson, man, myth, Survivor: Australian Outback runner-up. To put it plainly the guy simply owns the show. He tells the contestants what they need to do and how they need to do it, with minimal small talk. But the real sell comes from the fact that Colby actually seems to enjoy what he's doing. He's not a Donald Trump or a Tyra Banks who are doing a show for their ego, and he's not a Jeff Probst (although I like to imagine Jeff gave Colby some tips at a secret reality-competition hosting school, I want to go there someday) who's been doing the gig so long the thrill has worn off. He's fresh and he's loving it, and he gets to play with guns too, so who can blame him.

3. It's so simple, it's stupid
The contestants are divided into two team: Red and Blue. That's it, no silly tribe names, no funky bandannas, just people in plainly colored polo shirts. The show is divided into two parts, first the team competition. This usually involves the introduction of a new weapon and some type of target style shootout with a twist to increase the difficulty of the challenge. Whatever team does the best wins, the other team has to vote for two members to be eliminated. The losing team goes to the Nomination range, unlike Survivor where votes are secretly cast, the losing team goes to range where the find each of there names attached to a bulls-eye. Each team member takes a pistol and shoots the target of the person they think should be eliminated. Right in front of them! It's Awesome! Plus the best part is that these contestants are so impersonal, almost everything is about performance to them, there are rarely secret alliances, you know if you've sucked in the competition you're being nominated. The two contestants with the most votes then face off in a head to head elimination challenge. And that's it, the person who does the best gets to stay, the person who loses goes home.

Top Shot Season 4 premieres 9:00 p.m Central this Tuesday on History Channel, and is usually available for viewing the next day on Hulu or on

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