Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Top Tweets

First of all I want to give big thanks to the man himself, Colby Donaldson, for retweeting the link to this blog before last night's premiere. That guy is awesome.

Second I am working on my first recap, it should be up later this evening, or early tomorrow morning.

In the meantime I thought it would be a good idea to see what some of the past contestants are up to, and so below I have made a list of active twitter accounts for past contestants if you feel inclined to follow them.

I also thought I would do a quick recap of some tidbits Colby let drop during his livetweet of last nights episode:
  • No surprise, but this season will also feature past contestants, any thoughts on who will pop up?
  • There will be more WWII weapons featured this season.
  • The glasses this blog is looking through are apparently Ray-Bans
  • This season was film between August and September of last year and had some blistering heat to contend with
  • The show is filmed on a large cattle ranch where the cattle are apparently very good at dodging bullets.
  • The first episode used 1276 bullets

[Note: I have only included contestants that seem to tweet regularly, there are other contestants with accounts, but they have used them infrequently.Let me know if you would like those as well.]

The Man Behind the Glasses

Colby Donaldson: @Colby_Donaldson

Season 1 Contestants

Caleb Giddings: @radicaleb

Denny Chapman: @ChapmanDenny

J.J. Racaza: @JJRacaza

Season 2 Contestants

Athena Lee: @athena_lee

Jay Lim: @jaylimgolf

Season 3 Contestants

Sara Ahrens: @SaraAhrens

Jake Zweig: @JakeZweig

Dustin Ellerman: @TopShotDustin

And don't forget you can always follow me @cswiets. I will try and do more updates on past contestants throughout this season.

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