Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Top Tweets Vol. 3: Attack of the Tweets

Full Metal Jousting.

Full Metal Jousting.

Full Metal Jousting.

Are you kidding me? I rush back from work to catch the encore of episode three and I'm greeted with modern day knights on horseback. Sigh. So instead of watching the latest episode, I'm watching The Daily Show, and trying to figure out if I should stay up to catch the encore at 1 a.m. or wake up early and try and catch it online.

I was a little worried about this weeks edition of Top Tweets, because Colby didn't seem to be dropping too many tidbits that he hasn't dropped before (I get it, filming for each episode takes place over the course of three days). But during the second-half of the episode it got a little better. Unfortunately, there are some things I simply did not understand because I have not seen the episode. So here's my best effort.

  • Colby had a lot to say tonight about the camera and editing work. I like how he really goes the extra mile to give credit to everyone involved in the production of this show.
  • Top Guns is filmed on separate ranch than Top Shot, which begs the question: Why are ranches so desperate to have people shoot on their property?
  • There is no mercy rule on Top Shot, to which we can all say, "Thank God."
  • The wood deck in the backyard covers a pool, which begs the questions: Why do we trust these contestants to shoot firearms, but not to swim without a lifeguard? 
  • A casita is a small house. The women stay in it separate from the men, but share all the other amenities of the main house.
  • Apparently the reason we have not seen any nighttime challenges is because they are incredibly difficult to film. (This might be something to discuss in a future post)
  • The bulls-eye where the eliminated contestants targets are hung was put up because the owners got tired of patching the holes in the wall.

I should also mention I have completely broken down and followed every Season 4 cast member I can find on Twitter. I've realized that in an effort to promote this blog, the people who are going to care most are the people currently on the show (no offense to past contestants, I'd love their support as well).  And so far it seems to be paying off slowly, but surely. In addition to previously mentioned Terry Vaughan, Tim Trefren started following me today, as did Season 2 competitor Jay Lim (but he seems to follow anyone who follows him). I'm gunning for (get it?) Season 3 champion Dustin Ellermann next (if anyone can help me out with this I'd appreciate it).

However, my major fear was that this would spoil the competition for me, and unfortunately I was kind of right. I've been following Colby's live tweets during the show, but most of his tweets are spoiler free, or at least vague enough to keep it interesting. The contestants, on the other hand, are a chaotic jumble of tweets congratulating contestants and teams for winning challenges. Now, that's not their fault, it's mine or working during Top Shot, but man, it is difficult to focus solely on Colby when so many other tweets are clogging my feed. (I eventually solved this problem by simply clicking on Colby's profile, simple solutions to simple problems.)

Post schedule for the rest of the week is as follows:
Wednesday afternoon: Recap of Episode 3
Thursday afternoon/evening: Analysis of Episode 3
Friday afternoon/evening: Surprise mystery post (get excited, there's a hint hidden in this post)

See you tomorrow.

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