Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Top Tweets: Week 2

I'm in the middle of watching the second episode as I type this post, my full recap will be up tomorrow. I work from 8-10 p.m. on Tuesdays and need to rush home to watch the repeat. However I can follow along with Colby's live tweeting while I am at work, so each week, I'll recap the best bits he throws out there.

  • The practice sessions always take place in the same location, but the challenges are always in a different area
  • Colby seems to suggest that the producers are thinking of what an all-star season would look like, I'm all for it although I think its a little early in the show's life, look for a full post on the subject later this week
  • The guns used in the team challenge are authentic B.A.R.s, not replicas
  • Colby jokes (probably) that they find the experts on Craigslist
  • Colby still isn't a fan of the expert's top pick, neither am I nor can I imagine many other people are
  • Shortly after commenting on the romantic tension between Viscusi and Fauxeri may be a first on Top Shot, a fan mentioned to Colby that he was forgetting about the tension between Mike and Jake in Season 3
  • Colby lays down the rules for the Top Shot drinking game: One drink for every time Colby has his hands on his hips, and each time he says "It's all tied up!" Double drinks for each time he says "It's neck and neck."
  • Colby says there will another "Good Morning Men" this season, does anyone know what the hell this means?
  • The gun used on the nomination range is a 1911 Kimber and comes from Colby's personal safe, which is awesome
  • Colby, in response to a tweet, mentions he wouldn't mind moving filming off the ranch and down to the Caribbean

Just a little not at the end here, I know there are Season 4 contestants who also have twitter pages that I did not list in my last Top Tweet. I am going to refrain from mentioning them here because I'd like to judge them solely on what is shown on each episode.

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