Monday, March 12, 2012

Hey Look Over There!

I have a new feature on the blog. Take a look over to the left and you will see I have installed a blogroll. These blogs are not all specifically dedicated to Top Shot as this one is, but they all comment on the show in some form or the other, plus they give more insight than I ever could about weapons.

Now, because of the limitations of Blogger, I could not arrange these in the order I would like them to appear. Nonetheless, here is the rundown of what you can find over on the left.

First up is the OutdoorLife blog The Gun Shots. Red team, contestant Tim Trefren blogs weekly for them recapping episodes, providing added insight into what went down in the episodes, and some basic shooting tips.

The NRABlog features a lot more about shooting than it does about Top Shot, but editor Lars Dalseide recaps episodes weekly, taking a much more journalistic approach.

HausofGuns takes a less traditional approach to the recap as well, setting up their recap in more of a live commentary. The blog also features occasional interviews with past contestants.

Finally, Terry Vaughan's TV Empowers blog provides some much needed insight into the dynamics of the blue team. He recently posted a YouTube video with his reaction to "Crossbow Crossfire" in place of his written recaps, and reveals the real answer to this season's biggest question, "Why is everyone wearing bandanas?"

So if you just can't get enough Top Shot, there are a few more places you can check out. And while I'm good, I'd never discourage someone from finding another opinion.

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