Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Top Tweets Vol. 4: Twazed and Confused

Once again I am forced to wait for tonight's episode to be posted online sometime tomorrow morning before I can watch it. Foiled again by Full Metal Jousting and work. However, I was once again able to follow along with Colby's live tweeting of the episode. This week's tweets took a bit of an odd turn. Colby was clearly agitated by some of the tweets he was getting that were complaining about certain details of the show. He kept making jokes about drinking while watching and tweeting the episode, but after a while it seemed like he was getting legitimately tipsy. Which, well, doesn't really matter I suppose, I wouldn't have minded a brew or two if I had been able to watch tonight's episode. Again, just an interesting departure from the norm.

And now, to the tweets!
  • Colby mentioned that he was back on the ranch, prepping for Season 5.
  • P.S. that ranch is located in Agua Dulce, Cali. (Agua Dulce means "fresh water" in Spanish. Not only is this blog informative, it's educational!)
  • Colby's favorite gun to even be used on the series is the full-auto Tommy gun used in Season 2
That, unfortunately, is pretty much it for this week. The rest is Colby responding to people criticizing the show and giving outlandish responses to questions that probably could use a real answer. He's also still tweeting almost an hour after the show ended, and he usually signs off pretty quick once the episode ends.  

Any thoughts? Hit the comments.

It's been a weird night on Twitter, can't wait to watch what went down in the episode. Next week I'm hoping to actually watch the episode when it airs since I'll be a spring break (life of a college student).

Check back tomorrow afternoon for my recap of "Crossbow Crossfire." 

Rest of the week looks like so: Analysis on Thursday, Friday Surprise, and Talkin' 'bout on Saturday.

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