Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Top Tweets Vol. 5: Danger! Danger, Colby Donaldson!

I was not able to watch Top Shot when it aired as I originally planned tonight, however all was not lost. Since I am at home for spring break (for now) I am not at the mercy of campus cable, or History's sporadic online episode posting schedule. So thanks to the magic of Time Warner Cable, I was able to watch tonight's episode about 12 hours earlier than I normally do.

The tweets this week are not only a little disappointing, they are also a little disheartening. We had a great episode, one free of any talk of bandanas, but Colby got an onslaught of repetitive tweets asking the same questions he is asked every week.

But, once again, I managed to pull out a few gems:

  • In a bit of distressing news, Colby seemed to imply that viewership needs to get a bump or Season 5 of Top Shot could be in jeopardy. He followed it up with a small ray of hope that Season 5 could be an all-star season, but I'm not convinced this is the answer to Top Shot's ratings problems. Read my full thoughts on an all-star season here.
  • Colby is not in favor of doing a season featuring contestants with little shooting experience. (I am still undecided)
  • He is also not big on the idea of using the Dillon Aero Minigun in a challenge, nor was he a big fan of contestants throwing rocks. (Which oddly has been a major criticism I've been coming across on the web this past week.)
  • I don't often quote Colby's tweets word for word, but this time I will make an exception. This was posted in regards to Augie's response to  Littlejohn's troubles in the team challenge: "Half Cock?"
Are you as concerned as I am about the future of the show? Hit the comments and let me know.

I'll try and get my recap up before noon tomorrow, and might even throw up my analysis tomorrow as well since I don't think I will have time on Thursday.

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