Sunday, March 11, 2012

Talkin' 'bout Chris Cheng

Sorry for the delay here folks, I now I promised this yesterday but as much as I did not want it to, spring break got in the way.  I spent my time yesterday driving and enjoying the wonderful spring weather in Madison, Wis., and was unable to throw up this post.

The good news is I am back at home base, which means not only will I be able to watch Top Shot when it airs, but I'll be watching it in 52 glorious inches of high definition.

I'll take this guy over Hugh Jackman any day of the week.
This week, I'm focusing on red team member Chris "Van Helsing" Cheng. Cheng dominated the crossbow challenge this week, and has slowly been getting more screen time as the weeks go on. Bestowed with a new nickname and some new confidence, Cheng is starting to break out as one of the competitor's to watch this season.

Cheng started following me on Twitter this week, and so I'm returning the favor by doing a little cross promoting.

You can follow Cheng on Twitter @TopShotChris

And you can show your support by liking his Facebook page:

Cheng also hosts weekly recaps and Q&A's for episodes that he records and posts on YouTube. You can check out his channel here:

That's it for this edition of Talk' 'bout. Watch Cheng and the rest of the red team on this week's episode of Top Shot on Tuesday 10/9 c.

Come back tomorrow for a little Monday bonus.

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